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Sisterhood Background:

We were inspired to create The Sisterhood after our fathers deployed to Afghanistan.  During the separation, we felt a definite need for sisterly support in our lives and we see the same needs in the lives of others.  Military girls go through so many unique challenges, especially during the tender ages of 13-18.

During deployments, many girls suffer from lack of self-esteem.  Girls often feel completely alone while a parent is deployed.  Some common reactions to deployment by young girls are: failing school, dropping in self-confidence, cutting, eating disorders, body identity issues, lack of interest, and depression.

After our fathers returned home from deployment, we then connected together through the California National Guard Child and Youth Program.  When we came together, we realized we were not alone in our challenges. After that “aha!” moment, we were inspired to articulate our unique challenges and to create a program to empower military girls.  After attending our Governor’s Women’s Conference in 2008, we decided to use our personal experience as military girls to create the Sisterhood of the Traveling BDUs.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling BDUs is a Nonprofit Organization, 501c3.